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Our Law tutors (Associate Lecturers) are established university law lecturers, solicitors and barristers but, whatever their background, they all have at least one thing in common: a commitment and interest in teaching law.

If you are interested in teaching Law at The Open University, you can find out more on the Teaching with the OU website.

You can get a flavour of the different people who tutor law students with us by viewing their testimonials below.

Alexander Lawson

I enjoy the diverse nature of students we see at the OU and their willingness to engage and be funny even when it’s 7.30pm on a rainy January evening.


Susan Lilley

As a former OU law student, I was keen to return to the OU to share whatever knowledge and expertise I can in relation to this fascinating subject. What I like about teaching at the OU is the diversity of its students and the support it provides for both its students and tutors.

Frances Lyons

I am genuinely inspired by all the juggling that OU students manage to do. There is a high degree of commitment and passion amongst people who have decided to return to study. I love my job!

Carl Makin

I work hard to support my students through their journeys – I offer a blend of compassion and realism that I hope empowers my students to focus on the bigger picture and making progress where possible.

Dr Phebe Mann

Dedicated to encouraging young women who strive to succeed.

Susan Millns

I enjoy helping students to develop their understanding of the law, as well as building confidence and aspiration to pursue careers in law or other professions.

Roulla Nahlis

What I like about teaching at the Open University, is that it is impactful education, making a real difference to student lives.

Ash Odedra

Ash Odedra

I can truly say that teaching here has given me the privilege to work with students of different ages and backgrounds.

Stephen Page

The work and ideas of students have been a privilege to see and support.

Laura Platts

Laura Platts

The best aspect of tutoring at the Open University is supporting my students. I really enjoy supporting all of my students and assisting each individual to succeed in their studies.