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Welcome to our blog, providing a platform to showcase the wide variety of research, knowledge exchange and teaching activities that contribute to the life of the OU Law School.

If you would like to contribute a blog, please contact us.

Please note that views expressed in these blog posts are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views or opinions of the OU Law School. 

Abortion in Jamaica: Constitution and Coloniality

Abortion is a topic that, understandably, invokes varying thoughts, feelings and opinions, be they strong or weak, undecided or veering, static or malleable. The topic gained increased coverage in 2022 following the reversal of Roe v Wade 410 U.S. 113 (1973) by the US Supreme Court, in which the court majority declared that there was no longer a constitutional right to abortion. The decision was received by some with joy, others with despair, but regardless of opinion, the question arose, and the resulting answer by the Supreme Court sparked debate and discussion on reproductive rights, spreading across the globe.

21st February 2024

Fostering a New Generation of Social Welfare Lawyers: A Review of The Access to Justice Foundation's Latest Initiative

In legal practice, the importance of social justice and accessible legal aid cannot be overstated. In this blog post, Law student Dan Morgan reviews The Access to Justice Foundation's 'Supporting Social Justice Solicitors Programme'.

2nd February 2024

The Open University Law School App

Emilio Kyprianou talks about the future of The OU Law School and what the next 25 years might look like, especially with how technology keeps evolving. 
He has a feeling that an app could be a game-changer!

3rd January 2024

25 Years of The Open University Law School – Now, Then and Next

In the final blog post of our 25th anniversary-themed series, Hugh McFaul, Head of the Law School, reflects on how the landscape of legal education might change for The Open University in the next 25 years.

17th November 2023
People involved in an environmental protest. They hold banners which include messages like 'Our house is on fire' 'System change not climate change' 'Evidence over ignorance' and 'There is no planet B'

Law 25: The Future of Law with Learned Past Experience

Law student Ashley Mackie reviews the last 25 years of criminal, employment and environmental law in order to understand how these three areas might evolve in the next quarter of a century.

16th November 2023

Where do I see family law in 25 years?

Given there’s been so much change since the turn of the millennium, what is left to reform in the field of family law? Dr Andrew Gilbert, Senior Lecturer in Law, discusses in this blog post.

16th November 2023

The criminal justice system in 25 years - revival or demise?

Law student Tamara Reilly contemplates the fate of the criminal justice system in 25 years' time.

15th November 2023

Human rights in a digital age: Where is the law heading?

Law student Rhiannon Maher explores how the digital age affects human rights law, and how this might change in the next 25 years.

15th November 2023

Legal Frontiers: Envisioning law and technology in 2048 (title courtesy of ChatGPT)

Francine Ryan, Senior Lecturer in Law and Director of the Open Justice Centre, pens the next blog post in our 25th anniversary series.

14th November 2023

Where do you see the law in 25 years: Space Law

The next blog in our anniversary series is from LLB student Elizabeth Downie and focuses on space law.

14th November 2023

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