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Studying law is a smart career move, whether or not you want to work in legal practice – and if you study with The Open University, you’ll be joining the most popular undergraduate law programme in the UK.

An obvious option if you’re interested in law is to train as a solicitor or barrister. A first step is to study a law degree which offers the opportunity to cover the seven Foundations of Legal Knowledge (for barristers) or to prepare for Part 1 of the Solicitors Qualifying Examination (for solicitors). However, there are plenty of other possibilities too. The transferable skills that you develop through law studies are highly prized by employers, and can be applied in almost any area of work. They include critical thinking, analysis, problem solving, communication, team work and research.

Aside from my legal knowledge improving, completing the law degree has given me the confidence to take on complex matters, whether law-related or not. A lot of the processes used to solve legal issues are applicable to many other situations and allow you to efficiently reach desirable outcomes.

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Today’s organisations operate in a highly competitive, global environment and they’re looking for capable people with adaptable skills to help them succeed. An understanding of the law will open up some great opportunities in all sectors, and we can help you to position yourself to take full advantage.

Our wide-ranging curriculum offers starting points for people at every level – whether you come to us without any formal qualifications or if you already have some university study under your belt. Our courses range from undergraduate to postgraduate, and you can also choose to combine law with other subjects.

If you’re thinking about dipping your toe in the water but would like a taste of study before you decide, we offer free informal learning – from blogs, features, quizzes and podcasts to short self-contained courses.

Our flexible approach to teaching and learning is designed to fit in with busy professional and personal lives. Whatever your motivations for studying – to become a solicitor or barrister, develop new skills, inform your current job or change direction completely – we can help you transform your career and take control of your future.

Our approach to teaching and learning is articulated in the Open University’s Teaching and Learning Plan 2022-27. The Plan stands as a testament to the OU's commitment to elevating the standards of supported open learning. Designed to be strategic and effective, this Plan consolidates the best of our teaching and learning practices, ensuring they're not just retained but broadened across the entire university. Distilled into five guiding principles, the Plan is both a roadmap and a reference. It ensures that all activities, innovations, and initiatives in the teaching and learning sectors of our university are cohesive and synergistic. Read the Plan in full by visiting our The Teaching and Learning pages.

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