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Our student stories

Our law degree is studied by a wide range of people from all backgrounds.

You can get a flavour of the different law students who study with us by viewing their testimonials.

Gary Steel

The OU not only boosted my career prospects, it made me more confident, articulate and allowed me to change my lifestyle.

Genuine Mwasha

It improved everything at my work; the ability to think like a lawyer is helping me glide through my duties and responsibilities with precision.

Rubi Franscisco

OU study gave me skills beyond a qualification, I’ve grown as a person.

Sade Quintyne

With the OU, you can take learning at your own pace, so it’s never too late to change your life path. Even if you think you don’t have the right qualifications, the OU is so inclusive and there’s always an access route you can take.

Image of Sarah Tutsell-Buse

Sarah Tutssel-Buse

 From pubs and clubs to a legal career … Sarah Tutssel-Buse is a busy mum of two and is registered deaf, but she hasn’t let that stop her from taking steps to make her dreams of helping people for a living come true.

Harry Goodwin

Harry’s first-class honours BSc Open Degree has paved the way to fulfilling his dreams of becoming a solicitor.

Siobhan Mossop

Siobhan Mossop

With two small children and a job working as a director at a Big 4 accountancy practice, the OU offered me the best opportunity to balance competing demands.

Jo Dance

Jo Dance

“I was desperate to leave education as early as possible … now I’m a lawyer!”.

Aqua Koroma

Aqua Koroma

“I failed a module, but came back stronger”.

Harrie Austin-Jones

From construction to law … thanks to the OU I’ve changed career.

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