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Welcome to our blog, providing a platform to showcase the wide variety of research, knowledge exchange and teaching activities that contribute to the life of the OU Law School.

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Please note that views expressed in these blog posts are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views or opinions of the OU Law School. 

Does the wholly unjustified practice and policy of stereotype racial profiling by the Metropolitan Police still exist?

A blog post by Dr Shaun Wallace posing the question.. is there a widespread problem of racial profiling within the Metropolitan Police?  

25th April 2023

Reintegration Services for children recruited or used by Armed Forces or Armed Groups in Afghanistan

Armed forces and armed groups are a global issue and thousands of children are recruited to fight in armed conflict in some of the most in-conflict countries around the world. What protective and reintegration services are needed to protect these children and prevent their re-recruitment?

20th April 2023

Diary of a legal wannabe - The Old Bailey

In our latest blog post, law student Heather Gilland shares her experience of visiting The Old Bailey as part of an OU Law Society trip.

13th April 2023

The pros & cons of legal aid in the legal system

A blog post by Rachel Lafferty on the pros & cons of legal aid in the legal system and how do you fund your legal bills if you are not entitled to legal aid?

31st March 2023
picture of self driving car

Self Driving: Legal Challenges

A blog post by Emilio Kyprianou discussing the UK government policy paper stating its goal to have self-driving vehicles operational on public roads by 2025. 

31st March 2023

e-scooters and the law

A blog post by Debbie Wood discussing the legislation around e-scooters.

29th March 2023

How come I did not know this?

Blog post by Isaac Dube ..."Perhaps I have just been too assuming about my own knowledge of the world and what makes it go round. I have recently discovered that all these years I have been in the dark" 

16th March 2023

Corporate Lawyers – A user’s guide

In this latest blog post, Mike Brannan shares his 25 years’ experience of working with that most refined of all corporate creatures – the in-house lawyer.

10th March 2023
image of a jury

Vicarious trauma and the Juror

A blog post by Law student Martyn Fryer on his experience serving as foreperson on the jury of a traumatic case that involved 23 counts of sexual assault and the support that was offered after the trial ended. 


6th March 2023

From Magistrate to Law student…

A blog post by Samantha Tisshaw on why she has taken the leap at 47 years old to semi retire from her 30 year career and become a law student.

2nd March 2023