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Our tutors

Our Law tutors (Associate Lecturers) are established university law lecturers, solicitors and barristers but, whatever their background, they all have at least one thing in common: a commitment and interest in teaching law.

If you are interested in teaching Law at The Open University, you can find out more on the Teaching with the OU website.

You can get a flavour of the different people who tutor law students with us by viewing their testimonials below.

Lizzie Fusco

I take great pride and satisfaction from working with OU students who come from such diverse backgrounds and perspectives.

Ioannis Glinavos

What I most enjoy at the OU is the commitment shown by the students. Studying remotely requires a lot of resilience and through my OU modules I have come across some of the most committed and able students in my career.

Liz Hardie

I have carried out research and scholarship in the pedagogy of teaching, particularly teaching online. My current research includes work on clinical legal education and policy clinics, generative AI and improving student success by focusing on qualification support online.

Dr Lana Haworth

Dr Lana Haworth

It is a never-ending source of inspiration for me to see students, often without formal qualifications, studying at a very high level while overcoming a variety of obstacles.

Rachel Herron

I have been an Associate Lecturer with The OU since 2014 and still enjoy meeting new students every year and introducing them to different legal topics and concepts.

Jonathan Hopkins

Jonathan Hopkins

For me, there is nothing quite like the ‘penny drop’ moments when my students understand a complex legal concept and can see its practical application.

Dr Brian Jack

I particularly enjoy supporting students and helping them to succeed in their studies and overcome the challenges that life invariably throws up.

Dr Rebecca Kelly

The work and ideas of students have been a privilege to see and support.

Suriyakumari Lane

I enjoy teaching at the OU as I like to support students who are keen on learning legal subjects, overcoming many challenges, such as combining paid work with academic study.

Simon Lavis

The AL role can be very rewarding. I enjoying interacting with students, helping them to develop their knowledge and skills through legal study, and using their insight and experience to improve the OU’s law modules.