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Carl Makin

I have worked as an Associate Lecturer at the Open University for several years now. I teach on property law (equity, trusts and land) and independent project modules. I am currently completing my PhD in social housing regulation at the University of York, where I have also taught property law. My professional background is in housing policy and advice, regulation and governance. I am a board director of a housing association. I have previously worked in a policy role at the House of Commons and act as an adviser on social housing regulation in Aotearoa New Zealand. 

As an academic, much of my work has focused on the work of the Regulator of Social Housing and the legislative response to the Grenfell Tower. I have published papers relating to the regulation of the private rented sector, issues relating to the leasehold tenure and planning law. 

I returned to teach at the Open University after completing part of my LLB studies here during secondary school. Although I eventually completed my LLB at Durham University, I met many lifelong friends and colleagues through the OU and thoroughly enjoyed my studies, so I always promised myself I would return as an Associate Lecturer one day. 

I enjoy the many challenges of being an OU tutor. Having seen the institution from ‘the other side’ in my student days, I work hard to support my students through their journeys – I offer a blend of compassion and realism that I hope empowers my students to focus on the bigger picture and making progress where possible.