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Susan Millns

I joined the OU as an associate lecturer in 2020 and have tutored on law modules W111, W112, W230 and W330. 

I have previously worked in the law schools at the University of Liverpool, University of Kent and University of Sussex and I currently combine being an associate lecturer at the OU with my main role as Dean of the Graduate College at Canterbury Christ Church University.  

My research interests lie in the areas of European and comparative public law, human rights and feminist legal theory. I have a particular interest in EU anti-discrimination law as well as in gender-based harms falling under the European Convention on Human Rights.

Publications include: ‘Reinterpretation of Citizenship and Identity in Britain following Brexit’ (with Moira Dustin) in Muslim Minorities and Social Cohesion: Cultural Fragmentation in the West ed. Abe Ata (Abingdon: Taylor Francis, 2020) chapter 13; Gender and Queer Perspectives on Brexit (ed. with Moira Dustin & Nuno Ferreira) (London: Palgrave, 2019); Wealth and Poverty in Close Personal Relationships: Money Matters (ed. with Simone Wong) (London: Routledge, 2017).

I enjoy combining my role at the OU with that at CCCU, helping students to develop their understanding of the law, as well as building confidence and aspiration to pursue careers in law or other professions.