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Roulla Nahlis

I currently teach on the following modules: W111 (Criminal law and the courts), W112 (Civil justice and tort law), W212 (Contract law) and W230 (Family Law).

I have a wealth of experience working within the legal sector, including law firms, and have considerable experience within the Citizens Advice service, having worked as an adviser, supervisor, trainer and undertaken social policy work. Alongside this, I have 14 years’ experience of teaching law within higher and further education, including sixth form colleges.

My diverse background spanning advisory work, teaching, and training, equipping me with the knowledge and skills to provide guidance, support, and education to students led me to the Open University. More recently, I have also undertaken legal academic research as part of my LLM. I have a strong commitment to lifelong learning and believe that education has the power to transform a person’s life and the Open University provides accessible learning and this aligns with my values. I am passionate about empowering individuals and have dedicated myself to promoting access to justice and legal education.

What I like about teaching at the Open University, is that it is impactful education, making a real difference to students’ lives. I appreciate the collaborative environment and the professional development opportunities. This year, I will be working towards the HEA Fellowship which will recognise my range of skills in teaching and supporting students’ learning.