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Lifelong Learning Week 2023

Lifelong Learning Week logoLifelong Learning Week runs 6 - 10 November 2023 and is a celebration of the power of learning to transform peoples’ lives.

Whether you're looking to learn from our free courses in law, take control of your finances, or improve your personal development skills, we have something for you. 

We hope you enjoy dipping in and out of these free resources, and you can explore more about all of these topics or anything else that interests you on OpenLearn or FutureLearn, for free, at any time.

Learning for career change

Houses of parliment, Big Ben

OpenLearn free courses for Society, Politics and Law

Learn more about the UK law system, whether its about the myths of law, or improving your awareness of the themes affecting law.

Choose from a range of free courses on OpenLearn to gain a certificate or a badged open course in topics covering a plethora of topics in society, politics and law.

Learning for creativity and culture

Taxi sign at night

OpenLearn free courses for languages

Learn from a range of languages, whether its to improve your English speaking and grammar to the basics of Tamil and Chinese.

You can also improve your French, Spanish and German conversational skills - helping you to participate in conversations when travelling either for business or on holiday.

Learning for health

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Wellbeing and mental health collection

Do you have mental health first aiders? If not, do you know how to spot the signs that a colleague is struggling?

Choose from a range of helpful resources to help develop your understanding around how you can identify and support people struggling with their mental health. 

Learning for life

Icon of a woman walking with icons representing money, health and wellbeing

Midlife MOT: wealth, work and wellbeing

Your midlife years will probably be a very hectic time. You may be in a challenging job, trying to find a new role or looking after the kids or your parents. Maybe you’re putting time and energy into a whole new way of life.

All of that could even be happening at once! Complete our wealth, work and wellbeing check-ups to help you look at what’s working perfectly and what needs attention.

Learning for the future

Making creativity and innovation happen

Creativity and innovation address ways of doing things better and differently, both at an individual and organisational level.

This free course focuses on where creativity comes from and how it can be developed. You will learn how organisations can effectively, and creatively, tackle challenges to be more successful.

Coordinated by Festival of Learning, Lifelong Learning Week takes place early November each year. It is a collaborative week of activity bringing together a wide range of stakeholders in England to raise the profile of lifelong learning, and to celebrate the achievements of adult learners.

Formal learning

If any of this has inspired you to explore studying with us, please visit our Study pages and find out more about all our courses. You can also find out more about all the courses The Open University offers on the website.