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Siobhan Mossop

Siobhan Mossop

“My OU degree has strengthened my career prospects”

In Siobhan Mossop’s house, Open University study is a constant … for the past nine years either her or her husband have been studying with the OU at any one time.

“Our children assume this is how everyone studies!” she said.

Having completed a law degree in 2003, Siobhan was drawn to the OU’s Master of Laws, so she could focus on law in the modern world.

“My law degree felt increasingly like a distant memory,” she said. “With two small children and a job working as a director at a Big 4 accountancy practice, the OU offered me the best opportunity to balance competing demands.”

Thanks to the OU, I’ve become a better lawyer.

Although she faced several bumps in the road during her studies, including a global pandemic, Siobhan says it was totally worth it.

“Writing my dissertation whilst working and home-schooling two primary school children certainly threw up some challenges!” she said. “Lots of support from my husband and family allowed me to focus on getting the dissertation done and completing it to the standard I had set myself." 

“I’m currently working as a lawyer and company secretary. My employer and colleagues would say my studies have made me a better lawyer and a better governance professional; someone who is up to date with modern approaches to law and the legal challenges facing businesses today.”

“My confidence has grown”

I have a real sense of pride in what I have been able to achieve, which has had a significant impact on my confidence.

Siobhan – who won Dissertation of the Year 2020 – says her OU study has boosted her confidence, and strengthened her career prospects. 

Studying with the OU was a very positive learning experience, I felt supported and challenged. My confidence in being an online learner grew as the course progressed. I thoroughly enjoyed the dissertation year, being let loose to apply the skills learnt in the earlier modules to a topic of my choosing." 

“The qualification has put me in a strong position with regards to career prospects.  Securing the qualification demonstrates commitment, dedication and a genuine interest in law.”

If you have the support around you, I would strongly recommend studying with the OU Law School. There is a real sense of achievement with every module finished, as you get closer and closer to securing the qualification.

“I’d recommend OU study.”

Siobhan enjoyed her study so much that she says her journey still isn’t over – she’ll be returning for more.

She recommends OU study to anyone who wants to pursue a law career.

"Don’t be put off by the length of a course; it flies by! I know I will return to studying at some point, though I’m happy to take a break for now."