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PhD Students

PhD students at The Open University Law School are engaged in researching a wide range of cutting-edge issues with real-world impact

Efficiency and Effectiveness of Emergency Public Procurement: A Jamaican case study

PhD research by Tiffany Adams

Modern perceptions of the English courtroom and Criminal Justice System: storytelling, rape myths and OnlyFans content creators

PhD research by Georgia Boyd

Lex Technica as a New Legal Order

PhD research by Ioana Bratu

Enforcing climate change domestically in South Asia, relying internationally

PhD research by Nishant Beniwal

An analysis of the extent to which UK has been able to safeguard women's rights from cyberstalking and cyberharassment during the COVID-19 pandemic.

PhD research by Sandisha Drepaul

Economic Citizenship And Governance In Uncertain Times

PhD research by John Gynn

Measuring the Impact of Clinical Legal Education on Graduate Career Trajectories

PhD research by Alina Kislova

A Critical Analysis of Italy’s Responsibility under International Human Rights Law: A case study of pull-back measures and the arbitrary detention of refugees in Libya

PhD research by Iyanuloluwa Kolawole

Consent as a Legitimising Factor for the Processing of Personal Data and ‘Big Data’ for the Purposes of Profiling and Risk Analytics within the General Insurance Industry. Does it still have a place?

PhD research by Michael Lewis

Is Disinformation the Death Knell for Freedom of Expression? When a Fundamental Danger Meets a Fundamental Right: A Critical Analysis

PhD research by Conor Logue

Digital Vulnerabilities in the Financial Sector

PhD research by Sahil Mathur

Exploring the Limits of Belonging: Domestic Human Trafficking in Spain, Ukraine and the UK

PhD research by Yelyzaveta Monastyrova

The Herculean Referee in the Age of Technology

PhD research by Fred Motson

Corporate Responsibility in NewSpace:Testing Joint Common Enterprise and Ecocide as a Framework for Securing the Effective Regulation of Private Actors in Outer Space

PhD research by Fiona Naysmith

Gender And Sexuality Bias In Nigeria; A Colonial And Religious Importation

PhD research by Gabriel Omachi

Public Opinion and the Nineteenth-Century Bar: Mixed Reviews?

PhD research by Edward Rees

Women and Ethnic Minorities in Modern Law

PhD research by Leona Samuda

The root causes of human trafficking: developing a Marxist analysis of modern-day exploitation

PhD research by Lewis Sibanda

Understanding judicial hearing: Children's participation in international child abduction proceedings in England and Wales

PhD research by Allison Wolfreys