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Scriptural reasoning: How faith can unite us

Welcome to our scriptural reasoning series. In these discussions we will explore current issues in a dialogue between various faith traditions.

The aim is to help articulate and explore the principles that might under pin our approaches to our public life, both national and international.


This video recording of Jessica Giles and Sarah Synder introduces Scriptural Reasoning, explaining what Scriptural Reasoning is, and how we can find commonality in our different faith traditions. 


Scriptural reasoning session 1 - Refugees

We start with our first audio discussion in our ‘Text and Context’ series. 

The discussion uses scriptural text from Jewish, Christian and Islamic traditions to seek wisdom in the long running and very current issue around refugees. 

You can access the document we used here...

Download document


We had the honour of welcoming the guests as pictured above  …

 Clockwise from top left:  

  • Dr Abdul Rehman Malik - Lecturer and Associate Research Scholar at the Yale Divinity School.
  • Ben Quash Professor of Christianity and the Arts at Kings College London
  • Dr Gemma Simmonds, a sister of the Congregation of Jesus and past president of the Catholic Theological Association of Great Britain.
  • Hamzah Zahid a student of traditional Islamic scholarship, as well as an Economist and Social Researcher 
  • Rabbi Lindsey Taylor-Guthartz a Research Fellow at Manchester University and who was ordained by Yeshivat Maharat, New York in 2021
  • Rabbi in training Miriam Lorie formerly of the Cambridge University Inter-faith Programme