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Law and Humanities

One of the founding principles of the Law and Humanities Research Cluster is to encourage researchers to consider the ways in which law and humanities intersect in a critical and creative way.

We aim to attract, interact with and encourage researchers whose work can be considered to intersect with law and humanities, broadly defined. This may include, but is not limited to, law and literature, law and art, law and drama, law and performance, legal geography, legal history, law and religion, law and language, and law and culture. 

Some of the research themes that are being explored by cluster members include:

  • Challenging the Canon of Sexual Violence through Performance Art
  • Speculating on Punishment: How Speculative Fiction and Legal Theory Can Inform One Another
  • “im is not no robber”: Black Collective Action and the Justice Campaign for George Lindo
  • Legal Impressionism
  • Law, Astrobiology and the Speculative Imagination

Get involved

The Law and Humanities cluster is led by Fred Motson and Sophie Doherty.

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Cluster members