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Law School’s research duo have got Seoul

Kim Barker and Olga Jurasz from the Law School have been awarded nearly £50,000 for their research project on digital and online violence, both at home and in East Asia. 

2nd February 2022
immigration map of UK

An introduction to UK immigration law and becoming an immigration advisor

This free short course is likely to be of particular interest to anyone considering becoming an immigration adviser.

28th January 2022

Open Justice Annual Report out now!

The fifth Annual Report reviews the progress of the Centre since its inception in 2016.

23rd December 2021

Law School academics contribute to BBC Ideas video 'Does it ever pay to represent yourself in court?'

The brand new short film is now available to view on the award-winning BBC Ideas website.

17th December 2021
students in library

Pilot project to support our ‘care experienced’ students

The Faculty of Business and Law has an extended pilot to offer greater support to students who were once in the care system starting today.

29th November 2021
James Cullens

James takes the reins of the International Advisory Board

An advocate of lifelong learning is succeeding an equally vocal supporter of The Open University as Chair of an advisory board to both the Business and Law Schools.

25th November 2021

Post-COP26, The Open University hears from its week two Observers

The Open University had official observer status at COP26 and has taken learnings from the conference to inform the university’s wider sustainability mission and inspire students and staff to take action.

17th November 2021

Another angle to COP26 - the role of the activist lawyer

As the COP26 conference is taking place in Glasgow, we are correctly focused on its aims with regard to seeking a global solution to tackling the climate emergency. Some of those attending the conference may however have the specific intention of protesting publicly to draw attention to the issue of climate change and the need for action and that action now.

16th November 2021

Highlights from week one of COP26, as told by the Open University observers

The Open University has official observer status at COP26 and is learning from the conference to inform the university’s wider sustainability mission and inspire students and staff to take action.

10th November 2021
Image of the Bluestone team

Operation Soteria Bluestone: Year 2 - Meet the Team

The research is split into six workstreams all looking at different aspects of the investigative process: suspect focused investigations, challenging and disrupting repeat offenders, victim engagement, learning and development and wellbeing, review of data, and performance and digital forensics. 

8th November 2021

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