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Five research questions answered!

A blog post by Fred Motson on something directly relevant to law students - research sources! 

5th January 2023

Report uncovers several areas that urgently need addressing in the investigations of rape and other sexual offences

Findings from Operation Soteria Bluestone, a report launched in 2021 as a response to the government End-to-End Rape Review, have revealed several areas that urgently need addressing in the investigations of rape and other sexual offences (RAOSO).

16th December 2022

DIY Distance Learning

 A blog post by Sarah Henderson and Ben Trupia-Melluish on exploring how engagement with online resources forms a key part of students learning journey. 

16th December 2022

BBC/OU co-production: Faculty of Business and Law Showreel 2021/22

Over the past year, academics from the OU Business and Law Schools have acted as consultants to a range of fascinating shows, co-produced by The Open University and the BBC. Watch this short video which captures some of the collaborations between the BBC and FBL academics. 

14th December 2022

How many hats?

Blog post by Ben Trupia-Melluish on how many hats he has worn at his time at The Open University.

Does wearing multiple hats make you more employable?

13th December 2022

How would you use time travel?

Blog post by Claire Maguire - An interesting proposition to contemplate – what would you do differently if you could turn back the clocks?

Would we all choose the winning lottery numbers so our time was our own? Or take a completely different fork in the road? 

7th December 2022

Business and human rights, modern slavery and sustainable development

A blog post by Prof. Natalia Szablewska reflecting on the 11th UN Forum on Business and Human Rights theme ‘Rights holders at the centre: Strengthening accountability to advance business respect for people and planet in the next decade’. 

1st December 2022

Being a Library Study Volunteer

A blog post from Isabelle Hoyet about how she became a Library Study Volunteer (LSV).

24th November 2022
picture of Shaun Wallace and Devendra Kodwani

The Dark Destroyer’s a real knockout!

Nearly 300 keen OU students and alumni were recently chasing Dr Shaun Wallace, otherwise known as ‘The Dark Destroyer’ from ITV’s The Chase, for his knowledge and inspiration.

21st November 2022

Medusa reframed and portrayed as a victim of sexual violence rather than as a villain

Sophie Doherty lecturer in Law writes why TikTok users have embraced the story of Medusa. 

16th November 2022

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