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Six diverse Law students and graduates celebrate recent successes

Six recent graduates and Law students celebrate exciting successes. The deserving OU students and graduates come from a diverse range of backgrounds, demonstrating the legal profession's progress in diversity and inclusion.

1st September 2022

The Open University Law School announces a partnership with Stowe Family Law Milton Keynes

Coinciding with the opening of the Milton Keynes branch of Stowe Family Law, the law firm has agreed to sponsor The Open University Law School’s new optional family law module, which will start in February 2023.

24th August 2022

‘Alternative’ weddings could become legally binding – report

An Open University academic’s research has helped pave the way for the possibility of ‘alternative-style’ weddings becoming legally binding.

4th August 2022
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Did Amber Heard commit perjury during Depp v NGN?

Blog post by Nick Joyce where he discusses the very public legal battle of 'Did Amber Heard commit perjury during Depp v NGN?'

27th July 2022

Researching legal histories

Through their work, members of the legal history cluster examine law and its relationship to the larger world of social movements, economic change, politics, and government.

18th July 2022
HMP Oakwood

My Journey through the Justice System

Blog post by Raffaele Esposito on his journey through the justice system; how he has learnt that with arduous work, the right attitude and support, you can achieve anything you set your heart and mind toward.

11th July 2022
Robyn Boreham

Day Dream Believer to Law Degree Achiever

A blog post by Robyn Boreham on how after ten years working in an un-fulfilling job, paired with the sudden pandemic, ignited her motivation to attempt her goal of having a meaningful career in the Law.

4th July 2022

Roe v Wade: The Importance of an Independent Judiciary

In Roe v. Wade in 1973, the Supreme Court ruled with a 7-2 majority that a woman’s right to an abortion is protected by the 14th Amendment of the United States Constitution. This ruling represented a landmark moment in the movement for women’s rights throughout the 20th Century.

28th June 2022

‘Not belonging is a terrible feeling’

How can a distance-learning university encourage students to have a greater sense of belonging to an academic community?

14th June 2022

New head of The Open University’s Law School named

The Open University has recently appointed Hugh McFaul as the new head of its Law School, the largest law school in Europe.

30th May 2022

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