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Holocaust Memorial Day 2023

A blog post by Gillian Mawdsley discussing the theme of "Ordinary People" which is the UK's theme to commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day 2023.  

25th January 2023
Image of Stellenbosch university

Learning from a global nation of law tutors

A blog post on Carol Edwards and her colleague Liz Hardie's trip to South Africa to give a presentation based around supporting online students to engage in the development of peer support communities.

25th January 2023

BBC/OU co-production: Faculty of Business and Law Showreel 2021/22

Over the past year, academics from the OU Business and Law Schools have acted as consultants to a range of fascinating shows, co-produced by The Open University and the BBC. Watch this short video which captures some of the collaborations between the BBC and FBL academics. 

14th December 2022

Looking for environment rights within children’s rights

A Blog post by Dr Fiona MacDonald on how over time, global issues change and a United Nation’s Convention on the Rights of the Child was created. The Convention was a significant step for the recognition of children’s rights and took a decade of discussion and compromise to draft, finally being adopted in 1989.

17th January 2023

Sharing our experiences of online clinical legal education

Clinical legal education involves law students learning about the law through real or simulated cases. Read Liz Hardie's blog post on how the Law School embraces this issue.

13th January 2023

Prospects for AI Powered Justice

A blog post by Paul Troop on how a new chat-based implementation of an artificial intelligence (AI) project is making waves 

This is a huge step in the field of legal adjudication by computers. 

6th January 2023

Five research questions answered!

A blog post by Fred Motson on something directly relevant to law students - research sources! 

5th January 2023

Report uncovers several areas that urgently need addressing in the investigations of rape and other sexual offences

Findings from Operation Soteria Bluestone, a report launched in 2021 as a response to the government End-to-End Rape Review, have revealed several areas that urgently need addressing in the investigations of rape and other sexual offences (RAOSO).

16th December 2022

DIY Distance Learning

 A blog post by Sarah Henderson and Ben Trupia-Melluish on exploring how engagement with online resources forms a key part of students learning journey. 

16th December 2022

How many hats?

Blog post by Ben Trupia-Melluish on how many hats he has worn at his time at The Open University.

Does wearing multiple hats make you more employable?

13th December 2022

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