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Dr. Wannette Van Eg Dom - Tuinstra

I teach Criminal Law (W111) and EU Law (W330) and have also worked at the OU Policy Research Clinic.

I am an engaged academic. Prior to teaching in higher education, I undertook human rights research and advocacy projects for a range of NGOs. I am also an Employment Mediator.
I had been working in distance learning higher education for some time when I applied to teach at the Open University, because I wanted to ‘up my game’- more students, even more diverse student body (including teaching Students in Secure Environments- so rewarding but challenging my teaching practice in new ways), teach Face to Face, bigger law school (biggest in Europe!), new modules…

Our students are unique individuals and teaching them has given me the opportunity to re-examine and reinvigorate both my subject expertise and pedagogy, creating a mutual learning environment.
‘Where the student and teacher come together, there is the learning.’