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Adedamola Adeosun

Research student

Adedamola Adeosun is affiliated with The Open University Law School.

You can email Adedamola Adeosun directly; but for media enquiries please contact a member of The Open University's Media Relations team.


Adedamola is a trained Nigerian lawyer with experience in international law, corporate law and law of taxation. She holds an LLB degree from the University of Lagos, Nigeria and a BL from the Nigerian Law School and was called to the bar as a barrister and solicitor of the Supreme Court of Nigeria in 2015. She also obtained an LLM from Bournemouth University, United Kingdom.

She worked as an associate at the law firm of Ayinde Sanni & Co, Lagos Nigeria. She also worked as an intern at the Yaba Magistrate Court and at the Office of the Public Defender, Lagos Nigeria. She is a Legal Researcher with interest in international law. She also has a passion for teaching.

Current research

Measuring the Quality of International Judiciary

This project seeks to critically assess the current regime of international judiciary to determine their quality. It assesses elements such as the independence of the international courts and tribunals, their accountability, transparency and their checks and balance mechanisms. It also seeks to examine the interconnections between these elements and how the presence or absence of one affects the other.

The project examines various developed international courts but focuses specifically on the ECOWAS Community Court of Justice. The research aim is to proffer recommendations to the ECCJ to enhance the development of the courts structure and quality.


Dr Marjan Ajevski
Professor Simon Lee
Dr Olga Jurasz