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A practical guide on ‘Becoming a Barrister’

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Dr Emma Jones (an Associate Lecturer and a previous OU Teaching Director for Law who is now at the University of Sheffield) and Senior Lecturer in Law Dr Neil Graffin have helped co-author a suite of free online resources with The Inner Temple.

These will enable school-age pupils and their parents to understand what a barrister does on a day-to-day basis, the academic requirements of the role, as well as the role of the Inns of Court.

Secretary of State for Justice and Master of the Bench Robert Buckland QC, MP, has spoken about the launch of the resources to The Inner Temple (pictured).

I am very proud that my Inn has partnered with The Open University to create a new, authoritative suite of online resources for school students and their parents and teachers, designed to clarify the journey to the Bar and what life as a barrister looks like. These resources will help to demystify the profession for those who may otherwise feel that it may not be accessible to them, thus widening access to and understanding of the Bar at an early educational stage

Robert Buckland QC, MP
Secretary of State for Justice 

These digital resources are available on OpenLearn Create here.