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Dr Neil Graffin

Profile summary

Professional biography

Neil is Senior Lecturer in Law and a Head of Department at The Open University.

Neil studied for a PhD in Law in Queen’s University Belfast, where he also completed both his undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. Neil has also worked as an Associate Lecturer with The Open University and a Teaching Assistant at Queen’s University.

Research interests

Human rights, immigration and asylum law, wellbeing in the legal profession. 

Neil's research interests are within international human rights law, asylum law and law and emotion. Within these areas of legal enquiry, he is particularly interested in the legal framework which regulates what happens after someone has been ill-treated, as well as the impact of legal processes on individuals where trauma is present. 

Neil’s PhD research concerned assessing how human rights are upheld during the time individuals are held for police interviews. It evaluated the protections afforded by Articles 3 and 6 of the European Convention on Human Rights within this setting. This research was conducted under the supervision of Professor Brice Dickson and Professor Rory O’Connell. 

Neil is currently working on several projects in the field of immigration and asylum. Neil is currently the principal investigator in a British Academy/ Leverhulme funded project which looks at the legal consciousness of search and rescue volunteers who save the lives of people making dangerous crossings in the Mediterranean. He is also developing resources for immigration and asylum practitioners, and conducting further research on issues of racial profiling in immigration control. 

Neil is currently working on a project with the UK charity, LawCare, to develop online resources to promote psychologically healthy practices within the legal profession. Neil is also collaborating in research which looks at means of supporting the mental health of practitioners within the legal profession. 

Teaching interests

Neil Graffin is currently working on managing modules in the development of the new LLB curriculum. 

External collaborations

Neil is on the executive board of the Socio-Legal Studies Association, holding the position of Honorary Secretary. 


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