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Attorney General Student Awards 2019

Law Clinic wins at Attorney General Student Pro Bono Awards

The Open Justice Centre’s Law Clinic, which offers free online legal advice led by the OU students supervised by qualified solicitors, won the Best Legal Tech Contribution in the Attorney General Student Pro Bono Awards.

7th May 2019
Hand signing document

Mind Your P’s & Q’s! Brush Up On Your Legal Writing Skills

Writing is a vital part of the law degree. As a law student you will spend a lot of time scribbling notes in lectures and seminars, noting down information from books or articles, and drafting assignments.

7th May 2019
Image of American lawyer making closing statement

The legal profession has a mental health problem – which is an issue for everyone

Culturally, lawyers are often represented as workaholics and perfectionists, embodying qualities such as meticulous attention to detail, unemotional rationality, and an imperviousness to the distress of others. And so as a society, we often don’t think about how legal professionals might be affected by the work that they do.

24th April 2019
CJ Burge

CJ talks on Radio Four about turning her life around

First-class Law graduate CJ Burge was in prison when she earned her degree from The Open University.

16th April 2019
LawWorks logo

Law Clinic gains further recognition at prestigious student awards

The Open Justice Centre’s Law Clinic has been shortlisted in the LawWorks and Attorney General Student Awards 2019. 

16th April 2019
Man in suit looking through book

5 Simple Mistakes Law Students Make

Studying law isn’t just about the assignments and grades, but let’s face it, they are an important part of the law degree. Most law students are keen to get the best grades to demonstrate their abilities and help in their future career.

15th April 2019
Image of people networking

The importance of networking in the legal industry

Whether you’re a student just getting to grips with the legal sector, or you’re an experienced lawyer with plenty of links already, networking day in day out is vital to your career’s success in the legal industry.

11th April 2019
Shabnam Nasimi

“I took my refugee status as an opportunity” – Shabnam’s inspiring story

“I took my refugee status as an opportunity, not a disadvantage,” says Shabnam Nasimi, 28, who was just eight years old when her parents, fearful of the wrath of the Taliban, abandoned their belongings and made the perilous journey across Europe.

8th April 2019
Image representing Virtual Law

Here’s What The Future Of Virtual Law Practice Looks Like

As all professional sectors continue to engage with and implement digital strategies, efficiencies and technologies, the future of law practice is becoming more and more virtual based each year.

5th April 2019

Tom Bingham Memorial Essay Prize 2019

The Open University Law School, in conjunction with the Open University Law Society, is delighted to announce The Tom Bingham Memorial Essay Prize 2019.

13th March 2019

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