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Photo by Joel Muniz on Unsplash - charity workers unloading boxes

Centre for Voluntary Sector Leadership leads COVID-19 research

Dr Carol Jacklin-Jarvis, Director of the Centre for Voluntary Sector Leadership, is part of a consortium awarded £44,000 by the Lloyds Bank Foundation for a research project, ‘The Value of Small Charities in the Response To and Recovery From the COVID-19 Pandemic’

4th September 2020
Image of a man and a woman in blue overalls looking at a paper plan

BLOG: Distance learning and preparing for my career

Louise Wilford is an OU law student from Tonyrefail in her 3rd year. In this blog post Louise shares her experience of distance learning and her most recent work placement at the OU. 

3rd September 2020
Image of a woman making notes in front of a laptop

OU and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime join forces on learning

The Open Justice Centre and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) are continuing their partnership to deliver the Education for Justice (E4J) initiative. 

1st September 2020
Image of the Royal Courts of Justice

Open Justice students join Freedom Law Clinic Race and Policing Forum project

Ten students from the Open Justice Centre are taking part in a Freedom Law Clinic project exploring race and policing in the UK and the USA. 

28th August 2020
Photo of a stressed student with a book on her face

Why the government must learn to trust teachers

This article, written by Jacqueline Baxter, Associate Professor of Public Policy and Management in The Open University Business School, looks at how the recent exam fiasco has highlighted the urgent need for the UK government to start trusting teachers

25th August 2020
Acorn members in Bristol successfully resisting an eviction during the pandemic.

'Solidarity is a weapon' - addressing the housing crisis together

This blog explores how resistance to the lifting of the UK evictions ban is being organised. It was written by Owain Smolović Jones and Saniela Smolović Jones, both in the OU Business School and Kulsoom Jafri, an Acorn member and trade union organiser

25th August 2020
Photo of women walking in Piazza Duomo, Milano, Italy by Simone Viani on Unsplash

The absence of women from Italy’s COVID-19 pandemic response

A new publication written by Dr Cinzia Priola, Senior Lecturer in Organisational Studies at the OU and Dr Lara Pecis, Lecturer in Organisation Studies in Lancaster University Management School, explores the role of Italian women in society and at work during the pandemic

24th August 2020
Healthcare workers getting ready for their shift in a hospital - photo by Francisco Àvia Hospital Clínic

Healthcare Innovation: Lessons from COVID-19

It is anticipated that post-COVID health service provision and organisation will look very different. Professors Richard Holti and John Storey highlight how the design and delivery of the 'new normal' will require 'imaginative and skilful innovation work by actors at many levels'

17th August 2020
Image of Lady Justice statue

Law School has a summer of investment and recruitment

The Open University’s current Bachelor of Laws (LLB) degree was launched in 2014, following the decision to end a partnership with the University of Law.

13th August 2020
Photo credit: German Naval Yards by Can Pac Swire, shared with a CC BY-NC 2.0 license.

Reading during lockdown: Insights from Global Ethnography

'In times of a global pandemic, we are constrained to live in confined local spaces instead of travelling across the globe. But what does ‘global’ mean?' Carolin Decker-Lange, a Senior Lecturer in Management in The Open University Business School explores this question

12th August 2020

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