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Making international law work for women: new voices

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The project is led by Dr Olga Jurasz and funded by the British Academy, with support of the OU Citizenship and Governance SRA.

This project seeks to address the multifaceted challenges facing women in post-conflict situations and to explore ways in which international law can (and should) be put to work in order to effectively assist women and secure their rights in the aftermath of contemporary conflicts.

Although some steps have already been taken at an international level to address the gendered impact of conflicts on women, they have been primarily focused on establishing accountability for conflict-related sexual violence largely to the exclusion of other pertinent matters such as legal mechanisms for transformative reparations, securing women’s economic & social rights, women’s involvement in peace building processes, the impact of foreign investments and financing on advancement of women’s rights in post-conflict reconstruction.

By connecting researchers from the Global North and the Global South, the project seeks to enable academics, practitioners and members of civil society to engage in critical discussions which will further expose such gaps and explore ways of addressing them within the scope of international law.

If you would like to find out more about the project, please contact Dr Olga Jurasz

Twitter: #ilnewvoices


Women in conflict and post-conflict situations: what role for international law?

This public event, which took place on 28 November 2018, featured discussion regarding the experiences and challenges faced by women in conflict and post-conflict situations as well as offered reflections from four prominent speakers on the adequacy and role of international law in securing women’s rights.


  • Sara Birjandian, Yazda UK
  • Sarah Cotton, International Committee of the Red Cross
  • Priya Gopalan, International criminal justice practitioner, UN Women
  • Frances Guy, UNDP
  • Chair: Dr Olga Jurasz, The Open University Law School

You can view videos from the event on our YouTube playlist, or watch below.