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The Impact of Policy Work on Employability Skills in the Policy Project connected to the Criminal Appeals Clinic at the Open University (2024)
Curryer, Emma and Edwards, Carol
International Journal of Clinical Legal Education ((In press))

Setting up a Pilot Peer Mentoring Programme in the Online Environment (2021-06)
Edwards, Carol; Gregory, Lorraine and Hardie, Liz
Journal of Rights and Justice, 2 (pp. 7-17)

Innovative ways of developing communities and enhancing students employability skills in the online university environment (2024)
Curryer, Emma and Edwards, Carol
In: Milmore, Amanda ed. How to Include Employability in the Law School (pp. 133-146)
ISBN : 9781035302307 | Publisher : Edward Elgar Publishing | Published : Cheltenham

The role of active participation in online synchronous learning (2022)
Kear, Karen; Donelan, Helen; Rosewell, Jonathan; Mooney, Allan; Cuffe, Paige; Sheehy, Kieron; Amor, Kevin; Elder, Tracey; Edwards, Carol; Okada, Alexandra and King, David
In : ALT Annual Conference 2022 (6-8 Sep 2022, Manchester)

How peer mentoring can support students during the pandemic (2021)
Taylor, Louise and Edwards, Carol
The Open University