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Dr Clare Jones

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Professional biography

Dr Clare Chambers-Jones is a Senior Law Lecturer at the Open University and teaches across a variety of different modules. Clare joined the Open University from the University of the West of England, where she was an Associate Professor in Banking and Finance Law. Clare is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, has an LLB from Glamorgan University (2001); a PhD in Financial Exclusion and Banking Regulation, Bournemouth University (2004); Financial Planning Certificates, Chartered Institute of Insurers (2004); PGCert in Academic Practice, Bournemouth University, (2007); PGCert in Research Supervision, Bournemouth University (2008), and an MA Education in Virtual Worlds, University of the West of England (2014).
Clare has worked in the City of London with Grant Thornton and subsequently Morgan Stanley, where she was an investment banking legal and equity research officer for Europe.
Clare returned to academia and has taught on a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate modules. She has also supervised a number of PhDs to completion. Her main areas of interest are banking law, financial education, financial exclusion and poverty, alternative financial delivery mechanisms, cyber law and crime jurisdiction, mobile finance and immersive legal education. She has also researched prolifically on the subject of banking and finance, cyber jurisdiction and criminal actions on an international level. Clare’s publications include three monographs and a very considerable number of articles and book chapters.
Clare is passionate about delivering effective learning materials has a particular interest in virtual learning environments, incorporating immersive environments into curricula, encompassing games, role play and simulations.

Research interests

Clare's research interests are banking and finance law, financial education, financial exclusion and poverty, alternative financial delivery mechanisms, such a virtual and digital currencies, financial crime, including money laundering and terrorist financing, cyber law and crime jurisdiction, mobile finance and immersive legal education.
Clare welcome interest in PhD studies in any of the above or related areas, nationally or internationally.

Teaching interests

International Banking and Finance
Contract and Tort Law
Company Law
Commercial Law
Corporate Social Responsibility
Research Methods

Impact and engagement

Vodafound Foundation 2007
The project developed a mobile phone app which could be used by secondary school pupils to develop financial literacy with the aim of prevent financial exclusion and poverty.

Early Career Research Grant 2010
The project investigated whether money laundering is taking place in the virtual world, namely second life. The research examined second life, its legal structure and the ability to commit money laundering through the virtual platform.

Online Banking and Finance Conference within a Virtual World 2013 QR Funding
Developing a virtual reality platform to develop academic conference proceedings.

2013 Financial Regulation Consultancy Project
Provided expert advice and drafted gap analysis for a new start up company.

Teaching and Learning Grant
To develop a virtual world platform to deliver and teach law courses. This project spanned over 18 months and has created two unique law virtual world environments to provide an immersive and interactive environment in which law courses can be delivered. This ran alongside the pedagogical theory undertaken in the MA Education in Virtual Worlds. These sites can be located within the UWE Innovation Island on Second Life. Link to site:

External collaborations

SLSA Banking and Finance Stream Conveynor from 2009-2016

Cyber Laws Editor

LSPI convenor and reviewer

Commonwealth Cyber Crime Working Group 2013 member

Previous General Secretary for the Commonwealth Legal Education Assocation


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