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BBC/OU co-production: Faculty of Business and Law Showreel 2021/22

The Open University has had a unique partnership with the BBC for over 50 years, co-producing inspirational content and bringing learning to life for millions.

Over the past year, academics from the OU Business and Law Schools have acted as consultants to a range of fascinating shows, contributing their expertise to support production.

These shows have been featured across a spectrum of BBC channels such as TV, radio, online and digital. 

Watch this short showreel which captures some of the collaborations between the BBC and our academics in 2021/2022, including The Decade the Rich Won, Trouble at Topshop and the BAFTA-nominated The Detectives: Fighting Organised Crime which were all shown on BBC 2. It also features Does it pay to represent yourself in court? on BBC Ideas and Radio 4’s The Bottom Line.


With the BBC celebrating its centenary in 2022, we are thrilled to partner with such an iconic institution to help develop these programmes.

This showreel brilliantly showcases some of the co-productions where our academics have had real input. Supported by their knowledge and expertise, these shows have been guided by credible research and specialist insight.

Professor Siv Vangen
Head of the Business School

You can also view the OU / BBC partnership trailer, currently being broadcast across multiple BBC channels, which highlights some of the fantastic content the OU has co-produced over the past year. And check out the OU Connect website which hosts all our OU / BBC co-productions and supporting content.