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Open Justice expands its free legal advice to cover employment law

Amid the current Brexit debate and a century on from the infamous Battle of George Square in Glasgow, the rights of workers is definitely still a hot topic.

Free advice on employment law is available from the OU Law School’s Open Justice Centre from the start of February as its pro bono law clinic continues to expand.

The clinic, which was ‘highly commended’ in the recent LawWorks Annual Pro Bono Awards, provides free legal advice to the general public on a range of legal issues.

Francine Ryan

The ethos of our pro bono clinic is law students working with qualified solicitors to support members of the public to understand their legal rights. We’re delighted to announce the expansion of our clinic to deliver free employment law advice. For anyone having problems at work, the ability to access free employment law advice is incredibly important as it can be an extremely anxious and distressing time.

Francine Ryan
Lecturer in Law and Director of the Open Justice Law Clinic

Coincidentally,  The Open University in Scotland is holding a centenary open learning event on Thursday 31 January (12:00 – 13:30) to mark one of the most intense riots in the history of Glasgow. The Battle of George Square, also known as ‘Bloody Friday’ and ‘Black Friday’, saw striking workers violently clash with the local police in 1919. This revolt on the Clyde, backed by widespread strike action, revolved around the length of the working week and a campaign for shorter working hours.

Please visit here if you want to find out more about the legal advice available from the Open Justice Centre’s Law Clinic.