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New FitForLaw course has UK-wide launch events

A new online course produced by The Open University in collaboration with the charity LawCare, FitForLaw: Emotional Competence and Professional Resilience, has been promoted with launch events throughout the UK.

The Law School’s Deputy Teaching Director Dr Neil Graffin and Dr Emma Jones, the former Teaching Director who has recently moved to the University of Sheffield but remains as an Associate Lecturer, were joined by OU colleagues Dr Rajvinder Samra and Dr Mathijs Lucassen, for events in Belfast, Cardiff, Dublin, Edinburgh and London.

The online course is designed to upskill legal practitioners and employers by developing a better, evidenced-based understanding of emotional competence, professional resilience and wellbeing within the legal profession. It was based on five focus groups across the UK and Ireland involving 33 participants from across the legal profession and wider sector.

Multiple key stakeholders within the legal profession, including both the President of the Law Society in England and Wales, and the President of the Law Society in Northern Ireland, attended the launches. These received significant attention in the legal press.

A book on wellbeing within the legal profession, which will discuss the findings of the earlier focus groups, is due out in the autumn through Bristol University Press.