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Invaluable new resource aims to unlock the mysteries of delegated legislation

Professor Stephanie Pywell, Professor of Law and Social Justice at The Open University, and Dr Tom West on behalf of the Hansard Society have joined forces to create an invaluable resource aimed at explaining one of the most significant, yet often overlooked, forms of legislation in the United Kingdom.

Titled “Delegated Legislation: What types are there, and how are they made?”, the explainer aims to help everyone understand the often complex laws that govern all UK citizens. It is now available on the Hansard Society’s website.

Delegated legislation impacts nearly every aspect of life in the UK; from the supply of single-use plastic items and eligibility for state benefits, to court procedures and pandemic-related lockdowns. However, despite being so important to everyday life, it is a complex subject to grasp.

Professor Pywell and Dr West have created an explainer to give a clear and concise overview of delegated legislation, presented in plain English. The guide also identifies the extent of the UK Parliament’s involvement in the creation of each type of delegated legislation.

The explainer not only introduces the various forms of delegated legislation but also features stylised diagrams that illustrate the interconnections and overlaps between them.

Professor Pywell said:

“I was honoured to be asked to collaborate with the Hansard Society in creating the explainer. Delegated legislation affects all of us in numerous ways, but most people have never even heard of it.  Dr West and I hope that the explainer will be a valuable resource for everyone who wants to gain insight into this topic, as well as students and professionals who need to deepen their understanding of its complexity.”

Hugh McFaul, Head of The Open University Law School, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, highlighted why the explainer is so important:

“This invaluable resource provides a comprehensible guide to a hugely significant, but often misunderstood, form of law-making. Professor Pywell’s experience of open access legal education and Dr West’s technical knowledge are put to good use in this resource, which helps everyone to better understand how the law that applies to us all is made.”

Dr Ruth Fox, Director of the Hansard Society, said:

“Delegated legislation is the legislation of everyday life but the terminology and procedures that surround it are complex and often confusing, even to legal and parliamentary experts. It is essential – as we saw during the pandemic – that citizens have access to and understand the laws that govern us all. We hope this resource will help to make this aspect of the legislative system a bit more accessible.”

To access this educational resource and learn more about delegated legislation, visit the Hansard Society’s website.

Professor Stephanie Pywell’s inaugural lecture, which can be accessed via The Open University’s research website, offers additional insights into the wide range of topics covered by delegated legislation.

Image - Previous Secretary of State for Northern Ireland signing the same-sex marriage regulations for Northern Ireland on 19 December 2019. Credit: The Rt Hon Julian Smith CBE, MP

This article was originally published on the OU news website.