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Future Politics: Delivering Effective Government Conference

Future Politics group photo

The Open University in Ireland were proud to sponsor Future Politics: Delivering Effective Government conference, on Friday 16 September 2022. 

The conference was formed out of the need to create a space for long-term thinking, and to create a platform for reflection on the interface of politics, policy, and institutions and consideration of how effective and sustainable government can be enabled in Northern Ireland.

Delivered by Stratagem and the John and Pat Hume Foundation, members from across the political spectrum and civic society gathered for the conference's first sitting.

Among the high-profile speakers was Dr. Olga Jurasz, Senior lecturer of Law at The Open University, who, drawing from her research in online violence against women, provided valuable insight into the prevalence of online misogyny as a barrier to the participation of women in politics in Northern Ireland.

Topics covered on the day by speakers included 'Cutting through the noise: how to create a more reflective political discourse' and 'Making the three stands of the Good Friday Agreement work in a post-Brexit world'.

Being involved in the conference ensures The Open University plays a part in conversations about ambitious new political ideas, policies, and solutions against the backdrop of political impasse and collapse of the devolved institutions in Northern Ireland and that OU research positively impacts political society in Northern Ireland.