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Blog is open to people, places, methods and ideas

Acts of Parliament

Academics from the Law School have launched a new blog site to examine controversial legal issues which have posed difficulties for law and society.

United around the theme of social justice, each post will take a critical look at the development of an area of law over the 50 years that the OU has been in existence. Much has changed or is changing, for example, the constitutional settlement between the nations of the UK, and the relationships between Europe and the UK.

The new blog site features the start of a series on ‘Judging Brexit’ as academics from the Law and Business Schools chat all things legal and Brexit. These are primarily aimed at law students but they are recorded with a broader audience in mind, helping to inform and put recent dramatic events into the wider legal context.

Professor Simon Lee initially discusses with Dr Simon Lavis what the recent Supreme Court judgments mean for the UK’s constitutional arrangement, how to read Supreme Court judgments, and how referendums impact the constitutional settlement in the moment and over time. Professor Lee also chats with Dr Leslie Budd about some constitutional implications of Brexit and devolution.

Launched in August, a podcast series already provides a taste of the Law School’s fascinating research. This initiative is led by a Research Fellow in Law, Dr Marjan Ajevski.