Celebratory videos

Image of Dr Marjan Ajevski

Dr Marjan Ajevski

Marjan is our first Research Fellow and proudly reflects on the role the programme is playing in relation to social justice and diversity.

Image of Keren Lloyd Bright

Keren Lloyd Bright

Keren remembers well what legal education looked like at The Open University when she joined as a central academic in 2005.

Image of Dr Caroline Derry

Dr Caroline Derry

Caroline joined The Open University Law School in 2017 and is the driving force behind the law specific introductory programme.

Image of Carol Howells

Carol Howells

Carol has seen the Law programme at The Open University develop right from the start and helped bring the first module W200 on its way in 1998.

Image of Hugh McFaul

Hugh McFaul

Hugh has progressed from a student to an academic at the OU, and shares an inspiring encounter with the late Gary Slapper.

Image of Alison Miller

Alison Miller

Alison knows the workings of the OU Law Programme inside out, working with Associate Lecturers, Central Academics and Students.

Image of Dr Stephanie Pywell

Dr Stephanie Pywell

Stephanie talks about the excitement of this form of teaching and the purpose the Law School has in delivering a significant social mission.

Image of Dr Anne Wesemann

Dr Anne Wesemann

Anne reflects on the way Higher Legal Education has been transformed through the OU’s law programme and what role the OU Law School has to play in the future.

Still of video

Our growing research programme

Law School colleagues look back on the past 20 years and look ahead to the future

Image of Caroline and Stephanie

In conversation with Stephanie and Caroline

Steph and Caroline discuss different initiatives that helped enhance the student experience and enrich the programme

You can view all our #20yearsOULaw celebratory videos on YouTube.

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