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Harry Goodwin

OU graduate Harry Goodwin, 34, credits The Open University for helping him grow in confidence and allowing him to tailor study specifically to his needs and interests.

Harry’s first-class honours BSc Open Degree has paved the way to fulfilling his dreams of becoming a solicitor.

Where it all began

“I studied to grow my confidence and expand my career opportunities. I’d previously attempted to study at traditional brick universities when I was younger but due to unforeseen circumstances I had to pull out to support family and work.”

Harry first studied an Introduction to Business module, of which he says was ‘very insightful’ and gave him ‘the bug to complete further modules’.

I had heard from work colleagues and from the radio and TV adverts that the OU was a flexible and inspiring place to learn and grow,” Harry shares.


He then went on to handpick Law subjects that interested him to build towards an Open Degree.

The OU’s flexibility is undeniably something that has benefitted Harry in achieving his dreams: “It was vital for me that I could work full time and also support my family. Without the OU’s flexibility, I would have never progressed or obtained my degree".

"Now I’ve qualified, I’ve landed a promotion.”


A flexible learning environment

Being able to bring together different areas of study to gain a globally recognised qualification was the perfect option for Harry.

“This flexible degree allowed me to study modules that were suited to my career and interest".

The OU has been the most collaborative university I’ve ever studied at. The working groups and the different experiences from the diverse student population really do help you grow and learn.

“It’s even allowed me to pursue a new career within the legal sector and I’m now studying the LPC with the University of Law and training to become a qualified solicitor".

"I would never have got to this position today without the OU and I’m truly grateful for all of support and staff who created such an exciting and collaborative learning environment.”

Harry admits that he was sceptical of online learning at first, with the fear that it would be ‘isolating and daunting’ but shares that he had nothing to be worried about.

“I studied remotely, online and attended day classes. This actually allowed me some flexibility in my personal life too as I moved locations a couple of times with my job, meaning my studies were not impacted. Working full time whilst also studying can be a lot of work and pressure at times however, the format of the OU modules allows you to plan. The student support sessions on study techniques and embracing technology also really allow for a dynamic learning approach.”

Embracing differences

One of Harry’s highlights of studying with the OU has been getting to know such a diverse range of students – something which he is sure contributed to his success.

“The OU is super inclusive, and I truly benefited from the diversity and experience from my tutor groups as there are people from all age demographics and backgrounds".

“This allowed for multifaceted discussions to grow and learn about other’s viewpoints. I have no doubt this developed my confidence as I was able to share my own personal experience and background whilst drawing on others. This adapted my way of thinking and approach to new tasks – it has truly enhanced my skillset in what I do today and in the future".

“My tutors really inspired me during my studies as they championed people sharing ideas and values. It enabled great discussion, whilst building everyone’s confidence and realising that different backgrounds just means different experiences, and that we should embrace our differences and utilise these for the greater good and our own personal development.”

Advice for students

Harry’s key tip for current OU students is to utilise the tutors and student support teams.

He says, “They are all really approachable and are there to help. I’d encourage people to use them and don’t be afraid to ask questions, as this will also encourage and help not only you but others in similar a position".

For those considering study with the OU, he shares, “Believe in yourself and give it a go – it’s never too late to study and you’ll be surprised at how much you enjoy obtaining a degree to benefit your long term future