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Matthew Platts

Picture of Matthew Platts

Matthew Platts - Winner of the Tom Bingham Memorial Essay Prize 2017

(Edited transcript of the self-made video)

Hi, I'm Matthew, I'm a student on the Bachelor of Laws degree course at The Open University Law School. 

Why did you choose to study with The Open University Law School? 
I chose to study with The Open University Law School because I wanted to complete my Law degree and at the same time continue my work as an IT management consultant – I didn’t want to put my life on hold. 

Why did you choose to study Law? 
I’m studying Law because I want to be contributing something more to the world. I’m very happy with my career but I’ve always felt that I should be leaving the world a little better than I entered it. I think as a barrister, which is my career ambition, hopefully later in life as a law academic perhaps, even an Open University law academic - I can really make a difference. 

What have you learnt? 
I have learnt a great deal of things academically from my Law degree at The Open University Law School. But I think what I have taken away most substantially is the sense of pride and accomplishment. I really do feel a great deal of satisfaction whenever I submit a Tutor Marked Assessment.

How has your overall study experience been? 
My overall study experience has been challenging. I’ve learnt a great deal of necessity of time management and of writing in a concise and eloquent fashion from having very tight specifications and deadlines. 

How has your studies led to positive changes in your personal and professional life?
I think what I have gained in terms of my personal and professional life is a great deal more self-confidence. I really do feel very proud of myself for what I have accomplished and that really translates into everything else I do.    

What advice would you give to someone who is considering studying with The Open University Law School?
I think primarily it is to persist to really carry on. It’s very difficult to study with The Open University and it takes a great deal of fortitude. There aren’t that many people out there who are able to commit to a multi-year project whilst at the same time balancing whatever else they have on their plates - job, life, family, community - and if you persist you can be one of those people.  


Matthew kindly agreed to record a video message after he was announced as the winner of the Tom Bingham Memorial Essay Prize 2017, which is joint initiative of The Open University Law School and Open University Law Society

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