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Evelyn McIlmoyle

Photo of Evelyn McIlmoyle receiving the Law Student of the Year Award.

Evelyn McIlmoyle - OU Law Student of the Year 2015

(Edited transcript of the interview)

I got home from work one evening, just opening the usual pile of post you get, expecting most of it to be junk mail and got this letter and was just delighted really, very surprised but delighted.

I really started by studying the qualification because I was looking for something to stretch my mind beyond my work role, so I was really originally just looking for a one year course to learn something new. I signed up for one module and then really loved it, carried on almost module by module but halfway through thought I definitely want to complete the degree because I really enjoyed studying it.

I think the biggest challenge is just balancing studying and working full-time, making that time really. Sometimes when you come home from work after a long day, to sit down briefly, eat and then think right back to the studying but it was manageable, it was just as I say sometimes you had to really plan ahead if you knew you had something coming up one weekend. You’d have to get ahead of yourself a bit so, some of the challenge was just managing that time I think.

I found the study experience to be really positive. Tutorials were very helpful. Throughout the course I had very good tutors from different backgrounds but all excellent in terms of encouraging us to think beyond the immediate things. So attending tutorials was really good for tutor input and also for a chance to meet with other students.

I think through what I have achieved with the Law School, through my course I’d like to try and use it in some way in terms of my work role perhaps moving in and looking at some sort of learning and development within the Law sector would be really interesting. So I would be really considering building on what I do already, the skills I have and ideally linking that in with the subject for Law.

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