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Dr Anne Wesemann

Profile summary

  • Central Academic Staff
  • Head of Department
  • The Faculty of Business and Law
  • The Open University Law School
  • The Law School
  • anne.wesemann

Professional biography

Anne is Lecturer in Law and the current Head of Department at the Open University Law School, specialising in European Union Law and comparative constitutional law. She holds an undergraduate degree in German law (1. Staatsexamen) and came to the OU from the University of Sussex, where she completed her PhD thesis titled "Constitutional rights norms in the European Union legal framework: An analysis of European Union citizenship as a constitutional right". Anne also holds a LLM in European Union law.

Research interests

Anne's research focuses on the constitutional construct of the European Union and the interrelations with the Member States. She researches in a comparative manner how different Member States interact with the European Union and how that interaction is informed by differening domestic constitutional frameworks.

As a consequence, she is closely involved in current discussions and debates around the UK referendum vote on membership to the EU and the process of the UK's withdrawal from the European Union.

Anne is particularly interested in concepts of citizenship in general and the European Union citizenship in particular. Her PhD thesis analyses EU citizenship with the help of an analogous application of a german constitutional rights theory. Her current work focuses on the status of non-UK EU nationals living in the UK and UK EU nationals living in another Member State and how the UK's withdrawal from the EU will impact that status and the EU's constitutional framework.

Teaching interests

Anne has been teaching public law in the UK since 2010. She has since widened her teaching portfolio by delivering lectures and seminars at the University of Sussex and Coventry university London Campus in varying courses including English Legal System, Introduction to Law for Business Students and Unterstanding Law.

Her main teaching interest and passion lies in teaching European Union Law, wherein she can link the knowledge of two different domestic legal frameworks (Germany and England & Wales) to the European Union legal framework.


European Union Citizens in Post EU UK (2018-11)
Wesemann, Anne
In: Prinz von Sachsen Gesaphe, Karl August; Garcia Plesa, Juan J. and Szuka, Nils eds. Legal Implications of Brexit. Hagener Rechtswissenschaftliche Schriften (pp. 121-145)
ISBN : 978-3-96163-149-0 | Publisher : MV-WISSENSCHAFT | Published : Münster