Part 2 – Living together as a married couple and claiming benefits 

This useful factsheet accompanies the video below: Myths of Common Law Marriage - Benefits and Council Tax​

Part 3 – Housing and property rights

This helpful factsheet accompanies the presentation below: Myths of Common Law Marriage - Housing and Property

The audio recording can be read together with this presentation.

Part 4 – Inheritance and pensions (presented by Lavinia Soobrayen) 

This useful presentation explains the myths of common law marriage. 

Dispelling the common law marriage myth in Scotland

In this factsheet, Open Justice Centre student, Rebecca O’Rourke, considers the common law marriage myth within the Scottish legal system.

Supplementary documents

Social media and the law

In this public legal education activity, Open Justice Centre Firm 22 will be looking at the issue of social media and the law. It will consider some of the legal issues which can arise from the use of social media, and it will explore issues such as cyber-bullying. 

This factsheet accompanies the presentation, considering the ‘Factz!’ of cyberbullying.

Contributions from the Open Justice Community

Delivering public education in schools

In this blog, OJC students, Lidia Dancu, Hannah Dowling, Ayesha Khurshid and Samina Nasir discuss their experiences of collaborating and delivering public education in schools.

Pathways to law in the United Kingdom

In this presentation, OJC student Lidia Dancu has created a table which outlines some of the different routes to qualification for legal professionals in the United Kingdom, with a focus on Scotland, England and Wales. 

Working with students at HMP Oakwood

In this series of blog posts, Paul Dale, an Associate Lecturer at The Open University, and a number of students, reflect on their experiences of teaching public legal education in Her Majesty’s Prison Oakwood.

Image of Oakwood team

From left to right – Tammia from St Giles Trust, Paul OU academic lead, Final year students Jon, Lucy and Sean

Working with students at HMP Wormwood Scrubs

In this blog, OU student Rebecca Buckell discusses her time delivering public legal education in HMP Wormwood Scrubs.

Working with the Personal Support Unit

In this disposition, OU Law student Ryan Gallagher reflects on his experiences working in the Personal Support Unit for two days a month.


Contributions from the Open Justice team

Dr. Neil Graffin
Image of Francine Ryan
Image of Francine Ryan

Hugh McFaul

'Open Justice Week Reflection: Public Legal Education at the Open University'

In this last piece of Open Justice Week, Hugh McFaul, the lead of the Open Justice team, reflects on public legal education at the Open University. He discusses how our drive to provide educational opportunities to the widest possible audience makes an online legal education week event a natural fit for the Open Justice programme.

A view from the wider public legal education community

In this blog, Angbeen Mirza, a lawyer and researcher based in Lahore, Pakistan, discusses her work conducting Street Law programmes. She describes how Street Law programmes can be part of a wider social movement for change, which have particular resonance in an emergent democracy.

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