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Becoming a client

The Open Justice Law Clinic is an online law clinic that connects law students and qualified solicitors with members of the public remotely through technology and the internet.

The Clinic offers professional advice accessible from the comfort of your own home, office or wherever you may be located. There is no travelling time or costs for you as we utilize technology to meet with you online so we are able to provide a flexible service to fit your schedule and life.

Enquiry form

Complete the online form and tell us about your problem.


Your enquiry will be assigned to a small group of law students (known as student advisors) under the supervision of qualified solicitors. If this is an issue we can help with, we will arrange an online interview. If we can’t help, we will tell you and send you details of organisations that may be able to assist you. 


Once an appointment has been arranged you will be interviewed by student advisors to find out the essential information about your case.


In order to ensure you the best possible service, no advice will be given at the first meeting. Instead the student advisors will research your case and check their advice and any suggested action on your behalf with an experienced solicitor. A letter of advice will then be sent which has been approved by a qualified solicitor.

All communications between you and your student advisors will be in the strictest confidence, and your file kept online on a secure server.

How to contact us

Please complete the online form.

We will then contact you to arrange an online interview or, if we can’t take your case, to refer you to a firm or organisation that is more able to assist you.