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Zahra Alidina

Photo of Zahra Alidina

Why did you decide to do a law degree?

I knew from a young age that I wanted to be a barrister. My law degree was something that I wanted to do as I thoroughly enjoyed learning law at GCSE and A-level and I couldn’t imagine myself doing a degree in anything else.

Why did you choose to study with The Open University Law School?

The Open University provided a path which covered all the basic subjects of law and I could study at my own pace. I was actually unable to attend other universities because of my age but the Open University were open to this and during the interview process the interviewer was aware of my commitment due to me sitting my GCSE at 13 and A-level Law at 14 so offered me a place.

How was your overall study experience?

My experience whilst studying was thoroughly enjoyable. I had an incredible amount of support from my own peers as well as tutors and other students from the Open University and the syllabus and study materials were clearly laid out and had interesting content to keep me stimulated.

What was the biggest highlight during your study?

Biggest highlights involved going to tutorials, having the opportunity to be involved in great discussion study groups who also offered great support and also having an excellent tutor, Will Cummins.

What was the biggest challenge during your study?

One of the biggest challenges I faced was having to be self-disciplined and self-motivated. Exams were a struggle, however I was lucky enough to have gained support from the Open University that reassured me and helped boost my confidence. I also struggled when I first joined the Open University at the age of 15. My writing style had not advanced to the level of a law degree so I had to quickly adjust and learn quickly, but it also pushed me and helped me to excel.

What advice would you give to someone considering studying with The Open University?

I would highly recommend the Open University for anyone considering studying with them. I am incredibly grateful for being given the opportunity to study with them at such a young age. My dream was to complete my law degree by the age of 18 years old as I took a very unconventional route, the OU were extremely supportive of this and after ensuring I was prepared to start my law degree they allowed me to join them.  

How do you think your studies will lead to positive changes in your personal and professional life?

I think it has given me an amazing head start in life as it allowed me to pursue my aims at an age that I did when no other institution could and has assisted in spearheading my career. My LLB provided me skills that I can use throughout my career in law but also on a daily basis throughout my personal life.

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